​​Fern Ridge​ Christian Church

Bible Studies Wednesdays

Mens' at 7pm

Womens' 8-9am

Women's Evening Study 7pm

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Holy Week April 2-9

  • 20230326 - Message - Discipleship From the Inside Out; Internalizing Jesus' Call - Pastor Rick Helland38:22
  • 20230319 - Message - Discipleship From the Inside Out; Hearing God's Call - Pastor Rick Helland33:28
  • 20230312 - Message - The Exchanged Life; God's Mercy - Pastor Pat Coy42:03
  • 20230226 - Message - Breaking News; The Kingdom of Heaven is Not Just About You - Pastor Rick Helland32:01
  • 20230219 - Message - Breaking News; Jesus Has Arrived, Ditto - Pastor Rick Helland35:03
  • 20230212 - Message - Breaking News; Jesus Has Arrived - Pastor Rick Helland27:22
  • 20230205 - Message - Matthew's Light Bulb Moments; Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights - Pastor Rick Helland30:54

Sunday Morning Worship


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Next Women's Breakfast

​​Saturday, April 15th, 9am, at Correll's​

​Next Men's Breakfast

​Saturday, April 15th, 8am, at Church​

Connect Time Sundays 11:00am following worship

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